20 October 2019

Well, it sure has been a long time

Well folks I know it has been a very long time since the last post here. Truth be told, my health has deteriorated big time. Another thing, I felt as if I was all talked out. How much can one person write or even try to think about? How much can an old, disabled,now terminally sick human post? It has got to where I only even leave comments on 2 or sometimes 3 of the blogs I read every day. I stopped writing to those who post opinion/news posts at the now fewer web sites I sort of browse.

11 November 2018

Sunday LOL cats

Yes, I know, I missed Caturday. Sorry folks but I had a rough week and was too worn out to make it for Caturday. Well, you get to my age and see how well you manage. I figure I'll just give you all some LOL cats today. So, to all who stop by here, happy LOL cat Sunday.

OK, that is all I have for today. I hope all of you are in good health and have enough food and drinks for your families. I'd like to wish you all a peaceful day, but that is way beyond my pay grade. Oh, I can wish it for you all, but no way I can give it to you. When I was a kid, the older folks had a saying that went something like; if wishes were horses, everybody would ride. Well, if we all of us just try and treat everybody we come in contact with every day, some day, we just may finally get a peaceful world. I do know for certain that if we don't try this simple task, we'll never have any lasting peace.

02 November 2018


Hey folks, it's Caturday again!
OK, ok, I may be jumping the gun a bit as it is only 10:38 my time. Well, better to be early than later.
So, for your enjoyment of Caturday, some new LOL cats.

 OK, until next post, please TRY to be nice to each other. If we all try to do this, maybe we won't have so many mass shootings here in our own country. Yeah, I would like to change the world. I'd like to make the entire planet safer for children and other living critters. Yes, that IS a rip of an old anti-war poster from the Vietnam war era. The original was more like; War is unhealthy for children and other living things. Trust me, I saw combat during that damn fool war, the poster was 100,000,000% correct. It still is true today, maybe more so as we now have nastier weapons than we did then.

31 October 2018

And now........something completely different

Yes, I know, the title of the post today was ripped off from one of my favorite comedy groups, Monty Python.  Well, since I ranted so much about the mess in 'Merikkka the last two posts, I felt I ought to lighten things up a bit. A bit, as in just a bit. I'm going to dump out some good ones from good old (he may not be that old) Atheist Jack. Some may not like these, well OK, I'm not asking anybody to like anything I post here, ever. As it says on the main page here, MY place on the interwebs to say whatever I want to say. I mentioned before, I am not looking for followers. Follow me at your own risk because I don't really know where I am going to. Probably hell, IF it exists, which I doubt, same goes for heaven. Oh, and as a song by the now dead (I still don't know why we call our dead, late. They are dead, they will never be anywhere on time ever again) George Harrison; "Any Road". In the song he sings "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there". Kind of fits my theme song, by the Grateful Dead: Hell in a Bucket. "I may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoying the ride". 
And now some things to ponder vi Atheist Jack.

 You can see from a rather simple quote, just why so many religious folks despised Mr. Ingersoll during his lifetime. He is as relevant today as he was then, maybe more so now.
Well, I'm stopping for now at this point.
Until next time, please just TRY to treat everybody you come in contact each day the same way you want to be treated. We need to act civilized people. Our very lives depend on doing this. 

p.s. In case somebody may not have got the Noah one. First cousins getting married is not allowed in most of 'Merikkka. It isn't quite, but is damn close to incest and it can pass on all sorts of nasty genetic defects. Just look at the royals in Europe before and during WW1. Well, there is an old say; "Incest is best. Keep it in the family".
As Bugs Bunny would say---ain't I a stinker?

30 October 2018

Words matter

OK, more of me ranting today. The most recent mass shooting in 'Merikkka has much to do with the current POTUS. Yes folks, the orange haired rodent does share some responsibility for this.
Some may ask, how so? Well, he keeps talking on and on, and on......nearly every time he says anything, he seems to bring up the "illegals who come to our country to kill, rape, rob, etc." and that sort of talk gets the loons who live in 'Merikkka all riled up.  This latest shooter was one such nut ball. His supposed online posts to social media show that to be the case. No, Trump didn't tell this moron to go shoot people, he didn't tell him anything like that. No directly, but in a small way he IS responsible. See, the reason the shooter picked this particular Synagogue, which was NOT the one closest to his home was the fact that the one he did his shooting supported HIAS. HIAS is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. They started out helping Jews escape Eastern Europe way back in 1881. They recently started to support immigrants of any religion or ethnicity. So, by the reasoning(??) that made this particular place of worship his target. He had to drive about 13 miles to get to it. There were Synagogues closer to his home. One is 4 miles away and another is only 7 miles. He passed them up as they apparently are not members or supporters of HIAS.
Trump keeps up telling the country, the whole planet actually, how those nasty illegals are only here to continue being nasty criminals. Well, this country IS a nation of immigrants. Yes, even the Native Americans, from Alaska to  Tierra del Fuego came across the land bridge from Asia way, way back thousands of years ago. 
Once Columbus, who never saw the US nor the South American mainlands, discovered this part of the world, the Europeans have been flooding into it to rob, rape, steal, etc.. Hey, they sound a lot like the immigrants Trump keeps ranting about! Well, as my dear old grandmothers used to say; "What's good for the goose is good for the gander".  I could have just as easily said; turn about if fair play. Yes, every nation should be able to control the number of immigrants they allow to stay permanently, but demonizing them all is wrong. I worked with many over the years and even had more than a few who enlisted in the Marines during my enlistment to fats track their citizenship. For the most part they were OK people, no better nor worse than many people I knew and worked with who had roots in 'Merikkka for more than 2 or 3 generations. 
When you make generalizations about any group of people, you will most likely be proven wrong 99 times out of 100. 
Words matter. Words matter because that is how we humans communicate. Tarring others with the same nasty brush can come back to bite you on your ass, and it can bite damn hard at times.
Now, do you finally see in part, why I keep asking you all to at least TRY to treat everybody you come in contact with each day the way you want to be treated? Man, I sure hope you see it. If not, well, then I'll just say that I'm damn happy that my life has little time left to run. I won't be missed and I don't give a flying fuck about that. I did my best to be nice to all I meet every day. I never asked any of you readers to do anything I couldn't do myself.  
Until next time, think about maybe, just maybe trying to be nice to each other. Keep falling for the bullshit coming from Trump and our other politicians and you will have more shootings and deaths. Glad I won't be around to see that shit.

29 October 2018

Once again, some nut ball with a gun kills other US citizens

Well, once again, we have a mass shooting to deal with here in 'Merikkka. How goddamn sick are we as a nation? This sort of thing does not happen very often, or even at all, in most countries. Yes, there are wars being fought, lost causes mostly in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and many more countries too numerous for me to list here right now.
The Onion, a satire web site had been posting links to this type of news story with the following headline; "No way to predict this sort of thing says country where this happens regularly". OK, that may not be a 100% perfect quote, but it is close enough.
Those who know me, understand that I do not believe in any god. However, as long as those who do believe in a god or multiple gods don't bother me, unless or until they try to make me believe as they do. As long as they live and let live, my unbelief does not harm them, I have no problem with them believing in as many gods as they wish to worship.
What sort of asshat goes into any religious building during a religious service and shoots as many of the people who are there to practice their own religion? What harm are they doing to said gunman? My reply; they are doing NO harm at all to him nor to me nor anybody else. We have freedom of religion in the US of A people. We just do NOT have a state religion. Yes, the US of A is not and never has been a "Christian" nation. It maybe that a majority of this country, when asked, may claim to be Christian, but I'll bet you they lie. Many people will claim to be religious when asked out of peer pressure or some long ago time spent attending church as a child or young adult. Again, those folks don't bother me in any way.
Freedom OF religion implies freedom FROM any religion. My non-belief is as valid as the belief of any religious person in the US of A. Any who want to disagree with me, feel free to do so, but remember one thing, I will defend myself and if need be, fight back. I'd rather be dead than attend any religious service. My personal plans are set, have been set for some years now. After I die, my body will be taken by the funeral home, put in a box, hope it is cardboard, then burned. A small portion of the ashes will get placed in a small urn and set in a wall at the local military cemetery. The rest are to be disposed of at an approved toxic waste dump. NO service of any kind, no music, NO preaching allowed. Nobody need attend as nothing of any matter will happen at that time. When the arrangements were made, it was not even a requirement to place death notice in any newspaper, so I opted out of even that. Nobody needs to know, as nobody will really care. Hells bells folks, you can go to LOL cats yourself, just use the link on this page. If you'd rather wait for me to post the ones I like, well, OK by me, until I'm dead. 
I do sort of think reincarnation might be a neat thing, but only IF I can come back as a plane house cat with humans like me to care for. Oh man, that would be sweet, for me…..LOL.
Seriously, I do think that would be very nice for me and no, I would not break things just because. Well, not too much of the expensive stuff any way.
One more comment on this latest mass shooting that has claimed at least 11 lives. I do think that our current POTUS has some share of the blame for this. No, he did not tell the shooter to go and do this. His tweets, his talks, the way he sets people against the media (OK the MSM in 'Merikkka sucks, but come on,we shouldn't go and shoot them) has lead to this sort of thing. Yes, I know, more have happened before he was elected and some of them resulted in more deaths. However, Trump is encouraging people to violent behavior. 
One further comment. How come 11 US citizens get killed during their religious service and it is about the only thing the US MSM can talk about, but Palestinians are being shot, wounded and killed for getting too close to that goddamn vile fucking wall the zionist entity has built around parts of Gza and the West Bank, but those killings never make it to any US MSM reports? Answer that one Donald! 
'Merikkka, land of fucking hypocrites!
Now, do you begin to understand WHY I keep asking you readers of this insignificant blog to TRY to treat everybody you come in contact with every day the way you want to be treated? Do you? Because if we don't at least try to be nice to each other, we just may find ourselves in another goddamn civil war. As a former Marine combat vet, I can tell you from first hand experience that there is not one fucking thing civil about war. 
Until next time, TRY, just TRY to be nice to each other.

27 October 2018

Once again, it's Caturday

Hello and welcome to another Caturday post. Lots of LOL cats for this nice Caturday.
Not so much of my rantings today. Wasn't doing so good yesterday so my keeping even remotely near the real news went bust, big time. Maybe I'm becoming a cat, like for my next life. IF, and it is a very huge if, re-incarnation was a real thing, I'd want to be a house cat. Yes, just an ordinary house cat, who would have humans to look after, feed, change the litter box, and pet and play with as I did with all the many cats that shared my various homes with.  Any way, that was my very round about way of letting you know I slept most of Friday away. Yes, Tell George It's Friday missed me for the most part. Hey, no big deal, my name is NOT George,nor Greg,Gunnar, Gunney, Gunther, nor any name one may know of that starts with the letter G. Walter begins with a W. 
 OK, so now that useless bit of information has been posted, on to the main Caturday post.

 OK, plenty of LOL cats for your Caturday enjoyment. I'll try and get somewhere near enough to the news in the next day or so then you'll have to slog through one of my rants. Maybe you'd all rather I just stay with posting cat photos with silly captions and the occasional song or three. Let me know in the comments, if you want to, your choice, comment or not.
Until next post, assuming there is one, be nice to each other. Don't use the orange haired rodent as your role model. 

Well, it sure has been a long time