21 November 2017

Well, SHIT!

Well, SHIT!!!

Folks, it looks like we are about to be totally fucked over, big time. Yep, right here in not so very old 'Merikkka, the fatherfuckers who run the miserable turd gang, the FCC is about set to over turn the net neutrality that we have enjoyed until now. They are set to vote on this disaster next month. So, my advice to all the 'Merikkkans who are foolish enough to read this crap little blog, is, surf the net as many hours per day as you can because your choices are going to be severely limited and sooner than any of us would want.
This goddamn fatherfucking bullshit WILL limit not only what you will be able to see on the net, it WILL cost you more to see whatever it is the ISP's decide to allow you to see. 

Well, net neutrality was a hell of a lot of fun, while it lasted. I still remember  the days when the "internet super highway" was an old, dusty wagon track.  Back in the mid 1990's we had a Radio Shack TRS-80 with a whole rousing 48K of ram and a 300 baud modem. You didn't get any graphics and no color, just basically black/dark screen with white letters, but oh boy, we sure thought we'd hit the bloody jackpot. Our choice (yeah, we didn't have much choice) was the old CompuServe. Hey we had the CB channel which was sort of like farcebook without all the crap Zuckerberg puts on that social media thing of his. Beats me what is really on it, I hear of farcebook second hand. Yes, I do NOT have twitter nor farcebook and will not have them. Don't need them, don't want them, won't have them.
The old CompuServe CB was like a big chat room. Oh my, we sure had fun with it though. I don't recall the number of rooms we had on that CB channel, probably 20 as the actual CB radios back then had 20 channels. I was part of a regular group and we hung out on one particular channel on the old CB deal. In fact, that was where I first heard of the fake rush, yes, I do mean Limpburger. When one of the regulars mentioned having listened to rush earlier that day, I came back with something along the line of "Hey, you just now finally heard Rush? Hell, I have 5 of their albums".  Nope, he, I am sure it was a he, said "Oh no. I mean rush on talk radio". Well, being the curious type, yeah, I know cats are my favorite critters and I know that old crap about what happened to the curious cat. Well, as my late wife used to reply to that comment, "Yes, BUT, satisfaction brought it back to life". So, there ya go. Stay satisfied.
Once more, just FYI, there is only one RUSH, a three man band from the Great White North. Still rocking and making damn good music.

OK, I have bitched and ranted long enough for this day. Here is the link to the death of the good interwebs. 

FCC chief plans to ditch net neutrality

Seriously, if you live in 'Merikkka, you need to read this mess. Jesus H. Christ on a goddamn fucking crutch! How much shit are you "exceptional" 'Merikkkans going to take, be force fed until you finally stand up on your own hind legs and shout at the top of your voices, FUCK this shit!!!???? How much shit are you willing to eat? Well, fuck me and the sheep I rode in on I suppose. 
I was born in this country, served honorably in the USMC, but I'll be damned if any asshat in this fucked up gummint thinks I'll stay silent while they destroy this country. Oh, I am very, very happy to see the 'Merikkkan empire dissolve. Shit people, this country never should have become an empire.  To see what few freedoms we still had after that shit show called 9/11 is making me so very fucking glad I'm way past my sell by date. FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!

I sort of want to give my usual closing, but hell, unless I get going on another roll, there may not be any next time for this blog. Oh, I may be able to write here, but you may not be allowed to read it, even IF you pay extra to ComCrap, AT& fucking T or some other big assed ISP. 
Fuck it. Just goddamn FUCK IT ALL. There may be more posts here. You may be allowed to see/read them, but do NOT make any bets on that. Save your pennies, you will need them to pay for your farcebook accounts.

Try, just goddamn TRY to be nice to each other. Hey, if this blog stops, that will be a good reason for you all to have fun celebrating the end of me ranting. 

19 November 2017

Well hell, I somehow managed to still be alive. Exactly one week ago, at damn near this very time; 5 AM CST, my crap week started.
Yeah, yeah, I know I mentioned this in the last posts. Well, all I will say about my crap week is that it was a miserable goddamn fatherfucker of a week.  Anybody who wants details, well, there is an old song that part of the lyrics tell you; "Wishing ain't wanting and wanting ain't getting".  That is ALL i am willing to share on this matter. Damn right, it IS on a need to know basis/ Just be aware that this past week has made me even more sarcastic and disgusted/pissed off, so there may be some extra nastiness to a few more posts here. 
I really wish that any who read this piss poor excuse of a blog, and in particular any who decide (doG knows why {actually that mythical fig newton of your fevered imagination cannot know anything} anybody would decide to follow this blog)  do NOT read the very first post to this blog. If you had bothered to do so, you will have found out that I did say up front that there is a very good chance that your very own favorite ox may get gored. If you get offended at what I post her, well, you DO have options. Yes, you can unfollow and/or go read some other blog. Hell, these interwebs Are loaded with various blogs. Personally, I don't care if nobody reads this one. I am not trying to "win friends or influence people" here. Nope, as the top of this page says, right under the vat using a Mac book lap top says; this is just a space on the interwebs where I can say anything I want. 
Oh, just FYI, I am NOT grumpy. No, this is my happy mood. Was that comment sarcastic? Well, you decide if it is or, maybe I am just being snarky and teasing you. I won't tell.

Now, for some goodies. Today is Sunday. Hope all had a happy and fun filled Caturday yesterday. I tried to rest up from this past week. Well, I tried, wasn't all that successful, but, oh well........and so it goes. 
A link on the right side of this page will get you to a very nice site based on tumblr. I am referring to the site "Atheist Jack". Just to ask Jack a question about borrowing some of his cool items for use here I had to sign up for tumblr. First off, I did that and asked Jack if he'd allow me to borrow from his site to post here. He was very gracious and said yes. So, another huge THANK YOU to good old, or maybe he isn't that old, I don't ask folks their age for letting me borrow from him.  What follow now are a few of the ones from his site that I liked. He has plenty more and I highly recommend you check his site out ASAP.

This last one may offend some of you. It sort of fits with what the orange haired rodent, our current POTUS, is supposed to have told the widow of one of the US troops who was killed recently in Niger.  Yes, I DO mean the supposed comment he made to that poor woman that her husband "knew what he'd signed up for". Well, truck Frump! Yes, I did rearrange some letters there. Bet your ass I can be sneaky at times. Hey, it is my Marine Corps training. I may have ended my enlistment in June of 1972, but I have not forgotten all of my training. Some things get beat into you so damn often and well, that it is damn near impossible to ever forget them. That USMC training is just one of many I have vivid memories of. So, deal with this one all you "good" xtians!

As my maternal grandpa used to say, if you don't like this, then you should put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

All of these were borrowed from Atheist Jack. You folks really do need to visit his tumblr site.
Just in case any are still here, I may get back to posting about the goings on in 'Merikkka, US politics, and even world events in the near future. Then again, I just may stay with more LOL cats and songs for a while longer. This is my blog and I'll post what I want to. If you came here looking for answers, well, man alive, you need serious help. Actually I would suggest you need serious professional help, like mental health help, immediately. As one recent LOL cat photo said, it's the one with the white kitten with a stuffed toy critter; "If you're looking for the wrong answers, you have come to the right place". FYI, that photo is the last one on the post dated 9 November 2017. Look it up if you wish. 

All I have are questions, a large number of opinions, and maybe, now and then, a few, very few, suggestions. Answers? Oh shit, don't make me laugh. I'm out of them. Hell, even IF i had any, none of you would take mine seriously. Remember, I am nobody. And damn, I like it that way. I am just an old, broken down working class guy. Not special in any way. 
Well, like an old broken record, yeah, you know what is coming now. Please TRY to treat everybody you come in contact with every day the way you want to be treated.And if for some reason you can't do something as simple as that, then just keep your mouth shut and let them live their lives in peace.

18 November 2017

Well, today IS Caturday. So, here are some LOL cats to help you enjoy this nice Caturday with. 
Oh, if you were expecting some commentary, you need to go elsewhere today. Yep, I am still worn out from the goings on since last Sunday. Maybe in the next few days I may recover enough to rant on something again. If not, well, then you all can just get on with enjoying life.

Damn straight I AM being sarcastic. But, who the bloody damn hell am I any who? Nobody special and that IS a fact. 

Happy Caturday to all. 

Until, or if I post again, try to be nice to each other. 

17 November 2017

Well, I sure had one hell of a week.  Since I am flat worn out from the goings on since early last Sunday morning, at damn close to double 0 darkest thirty, I am just going to give you readers some You Tube links to some good music to tide you over until Caturday.

I really like this one. How very true it is. If you don't know where you're going, any road can take you there. Enjoy.

Any Road  Another singer who died too soon.

Now, 2, yes two, from Rush. As I said before, any time I mention Rush on this blog it WILL be about the three man band from the Great White North. That is Canada for those who aren't familiar with the term "Great White North". 

Red Barchetta  And now, the second from Rush for today.

Distant Early Warning  I have posted the songs with the lyrics for these two. 

This next one fits me quite well. Old broken down gray haired guy, me.
Touch of Gray  I enjoy this video every time I watch it. You may also. 

One extra from George Harrison. 
Faster  This video has some very good racing  to view while listening to the song. Yes, in those days you knew that some of the racers who started the season would be dead before the season ended. Motor racing has always been dangerous, but the racers know this going in. Still, I lost so many heroes in the 1960's and 70's. 

And now, the third from George. This one is from the film "Time Bandits". I really liked the film from the first time I watched it. I have seen it a few times since and it still makes me smile. 
Dream away

This one is, well, just because I like it. 
Band on the Run

Now, the final song for today. I really like the way Neil sticks it to the corporations and those who sell out to them. Enjoy, or not if you favor the goddamn multinational corporations. Hell, if you do, what the hell are you doing reading this blog?

This note's for You   OK, that's it for me for today. Until next time, live your life as best you can, but make sure you let others do the same. Well, call the cops if you see anything unlawful going on. 
Be nice to each other. Yeah, yeah, I know. I DO sound like an old broken record. Tough beans and hard cheese. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We're ALL on this planet together, so we'd best try to get along with each other.

11 November 2017

Today is Armistice Day. Yes folks, on this date, 11 November 1918 the end of WW1 finally came. World War One was the first fully industrial war. Actually it was a huge meat grinder. Near the start of that terrible mess, they actually had horse calvary charging at machine gun emplacements! The so called "Allies" had some of the most incompetent leaders ever. Hell, they had old Winnie Churchill making the bullshit plans for the disaster at Gallipoli! He should have had his British citizenship revoked and been sent into permanent exile for that. I am sure the main reason that didn't happen was due to the fact that it was mostly the poor ANZAC troops who died in that disaster. Had the been British troops, maybe he'd have been truly punished for his crimes.

Any who, here in 'Merikkka, we now call 11 November "veterans day".  Oh, it is even a holiday in 'Merikkka now. Well shit, I don't remember it being a holiday. Maybe I need to get out more.....LOL, not gonna do it. This is one day I refuse to let anybody know I was ever in the Marines, let alone my time in the damn fool Vietnam war. Oh, and why is that, you ask? Because every damn clown and his/her brother then feels some bullshit 'need' to "thank me for my service". They have NO fucking idea just what that war cost me and many, many others who were on both sides of that shit storm. Thank me for my service? Fuck that shit. Anybody who leaves such a comment here will not get it posted and may even be disallowed to comment here for an indefinite time. If you never were in any military, you don't have a clue. If you served but didn't go to war, you have zero clue what it is like. There are me,tries I have never shared with others. If you weren't there, you cannot even imagine what it was like. If you were there, you know and don't need to be reminded, you KNOW, all too well, as I do. I came back from that mess in September 1971 and the memories are still fresh. Every time I read about the latest damn fool war, surged, whatever, the flashbacks get out of the box and the closet I'd put them in. Yeah, like the song says, memories ARE like starlight. They DO go on forever. I detest flashbacks. 
Any way, to Marines, yesterday was THE day. 10 November 1775, the birth of the Marine Corps. See yesterdays post for more.

Today I am going to give the story on old Walter P. Kronkat. 
I still was living in SoCal and Sherie was still in good health. We had been out doing our grocery shopping. When I pulled our Suzuki Samurai into the driveway of our house, we saw a cat sitting in our front yard. We'd not seen this cat before and we both thought it would run off as we opened the garage door. Had a remote opener in the Samurai. Well, I backed into the garage and Sherie looked in the yard. The cat is still there she said to me. OK, lets get this put in the house and I'll see if the cat is OK or hungry. I was bringing that last bags into the kitchen and she came from the front room to tell me I should take a dish of food and some water for the cat as it was till in the front yard. 
I took some food, water, and even a few cat treats to the garage and placed the food and water dishes near the front edge of the garage. The cat saw me, and cautiously came to see what I'd put down. He smelled the food and began to eat. Poor cat must not have had any food for some time as he (found out later it was a male cat) ate all the food in the dish then lapped up half the water. 
Now during this time, I'd been sitting on an old folding chair I kept in the garage. The cat looked at me, walked over close to me. I put my hand out towards him. He looked at me, checking me out as cats will do. He sat down and kept looking at me, deciding if I would do as somebody he might trust. Now I know he'd seen our other cats in the bay window we had on the house, so he knew I may be an OK human.
After some minutes of deciding, cats some times take a while to decide. He walked closer to me, then jumped onto my lap, looked up at me as if to say, I need a back rub. LOL, well, naturally I HAD to scratch his ears then rub his back. Old cat began to purr like a sweet running race car engine. He looked at me again as if to say "Oh yeah! That's the spot". I then noticed his right eye was messed up big time. We found out he was blind in that eye later on. He also didn't like when my hand touched his right hip. He didn't try to bite me, just gave a sound that I knew meant, don't do that. He started treading on me and then looked directly into my eyes as if to say "This is MY new home. And that is how it is". 
Now, if you are old enough to remember Walter Cronkite doing the TV news on CBS TV, you know how he ended each news cast. He'd say "And that's the way it is" and give the date, i.e.. Saturday, November 11, 2017. Well, this old stray cat gave me THAT look. 
I told Sherie we now had another cat and his name was Walter P. Kronkat. Walter Kronkat because of his Cronkite demeanor and the P., well, just because. Sort of like Alfred E. Neuman.  The P. was added by me to make Mr. cat seem more distinguished. Yeah, well, cats KNOW they rule the world, so my puny bit wasn't even needed, but hell, he was moving into OUR home, so I added the middle initial anyway.
We found from the vet, he'd most likely benefit twice. Once to mess up his eye, and then to break his hip. There was nothing that could be done for the eye. He had surgery to fix his hip. For a "free" cat, he cost us close to $600 in vet bills to get his surgery and shots. The vet told us he didn't know of anybody who would have done that for a stray cat. We told him, Walter is so sweet, and damn he looked good! He was a small cat, maybe a rag doll breed, never did find out. He had the softest long black and white fur of any cat we' ever had. he was the only long haired cat we, or I after Sherie died from glio blastoma ever had. Old Walter was a character and then some. He loved to sit on an end table in the front room of our home and as any of the other cats passed by, he'd swipe at them with his front paw. Never really hit them unless their tail was pointing up. He was just playing with them. Surprisingly, the other cats accepted him in just a few days. When he came home after his surgery, they all had to get close to him and check to see it was him coming home and not some other new cat.
His one big quirk was, he would hide if he saw my with my camera. Any photo of him I ever had was of him sleeping. Oh, that reminds me. He liked to sleep in one of the dinning room chairs, with his head hanging OFF the chair seat. If you put his head on the cushion, in about 5 seconds his head would be hanging down again. We just let him sleep whatever way he wanted to after the first week. 
He had a good life with us and died about six months before Sherie was diagnosed with her brain cancer (glio blastoma). Shit, I miss them more than words can say. Sherie most of all of course. We had 24 years together and went through things nobody should have to deal with. We got through the bad times easier than I thought we could because we were so close. We made it through some extremely rough bits because we always talked things out and we never accused each other of why things went bad.  We'd often sit and talk all day, no TV or even stereo on. After my back gave out we had many days like that. I miss that more than anything else about her. 

OK, today is also Caturday, so-----LOL cats!!

10 November 2017

Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps!

Today is 10 November. This is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. They began, according to Marine Corps history on this date in 1775. Oh, the corps began at a place called Tunns Tavern.  Yes, even from the very beginning of this military organization, one needed to be "well fortified" before one enlisted into the Marines. Yep, get them drunk enough to they have zero clue as to just what they are doing. Hey, when they get to boot camp, they'll find out damn quick just what the bloody hell they got themselves into.
After our group left the induction center in Lost Angeles, we were on a bus to San Diego to begin boot camp. When the bus stopped, an older Marine GSGT got on the bus and said (my memory of his exact words may not be 100%, this was June 1968 after all) "Gentlemen, welcome to USMC base San Diego. In a few moments you will be departing the bus. Follow the orders you will be given. We hope your stay here will be to our mutual advantage." Or something close to that. he sort of looked like Dad, not quite as old as Dad, but he had "that" sort of personal appearance.
 He got off the bus and in about 5 seconds another Marine SSGT got on and the only words I can ever say about what he yelled at us in mixed company is "yellow foot prints". Oh, and "Move it! Move it! Mover it!".
Well, holy SHIT! What the bloody hell have I gotten myself into? 
Of course the first 48 hours of boot camp were intended to totally demoralize all of us. They did so, in spades and then some. Now I was a bit fortunate. I figured out really fast to never question anything any of the drill instructors said, ever. If we were in full dress uniforms and they told us to drop into the mud in front of us, I'd have done so in an instant. You questioning such and order would have meant doing squat thrusts for about an hour straight. I can tell you from having done so, the entire platoon had to do this more than once a week for the first 6 weeks, it is NOT fun at all. It doesn't aid in your physical training (my opinion) it is JUST punishment. Punishment for what, you ask? Well, just because the DI felt we needed it.  Collective punishment WAS an option for the drill instructors back then. Not sure about now and don't much care. 
I still remember graduation day. The base commander said to all of us who were graduating boot camp that day, something like "Congratulations Marines". We sort of just stood there for some very long seconds before we realized he was talking about US. Yeah, we'd been called nearly everything you can imagine, except Marines for the previous 16 weeks.
Any way, following tradition, Happy Birthday US Marine Corps.
And YES, goddamn it, I AM still proud to have served with honor as a US Marine. No, I have no pride in having been in that damn fool Vietnam war, but I AM proud to have been a member of the Marines. I enlisted to see if I could make my own way without the possibility of falling back and going back home. I wanted to make it on my own, and by doG, I did it. I became a Marine. And if you think I wasn't damn proud of that, you have no clue about how I still feel for accomplishing that.
During my enlistment, I learned from older Marines that the Marines, and the other military services are more anti war than the hippies of any other anti war group. How so? Because they KNOW who will do the fighting, killing, and dying. THEY will be the ones at the sharp end of the damn stick. They train for war, but wish for peace. At least that is how things were in my day, 1968-72. If that has changed since, well, that would be very sad and even shameful in my view. 

FYI, check the interwebs for a short pamphlet, it IS on the web and you can read it free, just do a search for "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler. He was a US Marine officer for 33 years and his pamphlet is well worth your time to read. He tells it like it still is. Yes, he wrote it back in the early 1930's, but it is still worth a read.
Semper Fi!

09 November 2017

Just because I had this wild idea, so here we go again. Yeah, another post from the old broken down SOB.  Hey, this time there is not much to read. I figured to just link to some good tunes and toss in a LOL cat or maybe a bunch of LOL cats. You cannot have too many LOLs in a day.

First up I give you a very nice song with what I think is one of the absolute funniest scenes from any movie ever. Yes, from the film "Life of Brian", here is a link to the song with the video clip from the film. Watch this and if you don't laugh, you are either brain dead or very religious. Hmm, in my view, no difference between those options, Hey, I said up front, I am and old SOB!

Always look on the bright side of life

Next a very nice song by The Byrds. This one has a nice video to accompany the song. Enjoy. 

Wild Mountain Thyme

I am adding this one just to piss off the war lovers. You can follow the lyrics on this one, they are on screen for you.

Sky Pilot   This is the long, or I should say, the full version. There is a shorter version on You Tube and it did get some radio play back during the damn fool Vietnam war.

Now I give one last song.  This one is by Heart, yes Ann and Nancy Wilson. After I got the album, we had 6 cats and Sherie and I both watched the cats walk into the room while this was playing on the stereo. It fit our cats so well. No, they were NOT bad in any way, mostly. It just fit their attitudes. The lyrics are on the page of this song link. 

Bad Animals

The song begins; They walk into the lobby. The pack in black. Heads are turning. But they don't look back.  They must be crazy. Not  buying in. Why those outsiders.  Got to shock and offend.
(No our cats were not all back, 2 were black with grey stripes, the others were orange and mama Patches was try colored.)
Hey, that opening fits me too. I guess that I am a very bad animal. 
Just because, here is THE LOL cat photo to go with this song.

Now, some extra LOL cats. Why? Because I said above, you CANNOT have too many LOLs per day. That's why.

Well, until next time. Live your life and allow others to live theirs. 

Yeah, I know, another post from me. Well, sorry about that, but unfortunately I ain't dead yet so suck it up and either read  on or just go to another web site or blog. Of course I'm in a nasty assed mood. As I told my immediate boss while in the damn fool Vietnam war when he mentioned my attitude; I know I don't have a great attitude, I don't even have a good attitude, but goddamn it all, it's MY attitude. By the way, he never, ever was in any way critical of my work/job performance. He even told me that he knew without any doubt that I could keep any of the generators we needed to run our radio relay sites going better than anybody he'd ever worked with in his entire, at that point 7 years in the USMC. So there ya go. Never, ever call me a "good person". I am not by any means. But by doG, I can do damn good work.

OK, some article I'm going to link to today. First off, this one I feel needs to be read by any who actually care. Care about what you ask? Well, life, world peace, little children, hell, pick something to give a shit about. It is worth your time. Well, I think it is. You decide for yourself. I will never demand any of you read/follow any links I post here. As I stated before on this little blog, I am NOT a boss/leader.

The colossal cost of Washington's unending wars

Before you freak out, YES, this is from WSWS---World Socialist Web Site. Geeez people, deal with it. There ARE multiple sources of good information beyond the shit spewed out by US of A media. I don't understand how any sane human can stand to listen to or watch that insane Maddow critter, she is as bad as old Bill O. 
Total loon and crazed moron who is hung up on "the vile Ruskies did it" bullshit.

The next link is also from outside 'Merikkka. Hey, if you think the media in 'Merikkka will ever cover things like this, oh boy, you need serious intervention in my opinion.  You should have read the very first post I put on this blog. I told you up front, your favorite ox probably will be gored here. So, here goes with one for all the "Bernie folks", yeah, those goddamn FAKE "progressives" who are as full of shit as Hi-Larry.

Bernie Sanders boots Kiriakou
Holy crap on a stick! Can you say hypocrites? Damn straight I sure CAN! Progressives for Bernie? What kind of "progressive" is this? I call it sour grapes, well, no, I call it goddamn fucking cowardly bullshit. 

American motto
This is an older post that was updated after the mass killing in Lost Wages recently. It is an excellent article, not too long, but Mr. Davidson says oh so much in it. The new 'Merikkkan motto; Free, Armed, and Stupid. And damn right I place great emphasis on the STUPID portion. 

Now for some lighter bits, courtesy of the good old, always worth MY time, the Onion.
While I may disagree with his choice of words
If you read this, scroll on down to see three extra links about Paul Ryan. Yes, I know, it is almost too easy to pick on poor lil' Paulie. Well, sometimes you DO go after the low hanging fruit. An easy target just helps me stay in practice. 

How the world has changed
This isn't very long either. The Onion usually keeps them short and to the point. Unlike me. Yeah, I know, I talk too much, online, in comments I post at other blogs/sites, and for sure in person. Kay Sara Sara. 

One more just because.
Heaven slides to sixth place

Before I stop, some extra LOL cats. Just because. 

07 November 2017

Just finished reading the article I will link to and it is a must read by any who detest what 'Merikkka is doing and may do sooner than we'd want. 
It is by a major in the US Army. Oh, want to know who in the US of A is the most anti war of all? It is the troops who will have to fight the next goddamn useless, idiotic war of choice. They will be the ones doing the killing and dying, NOT any member of either house of congress nor any other rich asshole. 

War making in the age of the imperial presidency

Now, just so you don't get too bummed out, a few extra LOL cats. Just because I feel like it.

Until next time. Well, just live your life your way I guess and let others do the same.  As a neighbor of mine told me the other day; I'm so broke I cannot even afford to pay attention.
Not that it matters, since it really doesn't at all. You may have noticed a change in my profile. I decided to replace the photo with one that fits me much better. 

Just because I felt like doing so. Here is the new, improved photo.

Well, SHIT!