11 November 2018

Sunday LOL cats

Yes, I know, I missed Caturday. Sorry folks but I had a rough week and was too worn out to make it for Caturday. Well, you get to my age and see how well you manage. I figure I'll just give you all some LOL cats today. So, to all who stop by here, happy LOL cat Sunday.

OK, that is all I have for today. I hope all of you are in good health and have enough food and drinks for your families. I'd like to wish you all a peaceful day, but that is way beyond my pay grade. Oh, I can wish it for you all, but no way I can give it to you. When I was a kid, the older folks had a saying that went something like; if wishes were horses, everybody would ride. Well, if we all of us just try and treat everybody we come in contact with every day, some day, we just may finally get a peaceful world. I do know for certain that if we don't try this simple task, we'll never have any lasting peace.

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